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Reface any photo automatically with AI. Get high-quality results in high resolution. Works for business, not just for fun.Start swapping faces
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High resolutionHigh resolutionThe best resolution for face swap on the market — 1024px
Works with all head posesWorks with all head posesLarge pose variations, from front-facing photos to side portraits
Preserves identitiesPreserves identitiesHigh-quality deepfakes for fun and business. Use responsibly, for good deeds only
Unrivaled in challenging casesFaces covered with hair or accessories, with beards or mustaches, with headwear or glasses
MultiswapReface many people in group photos, not just selfies
Skin beautifierTo cure skin imperfections, upload your photo, then upload the same photo for swap

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How to swap faces

With Face Swapper, it is as easy as one-two-three

  1. 1Upload your photo
    Browse to the image on your computer or drag and drop it onto the Face Swapper page
  2. 2Pick another photo
    Upload your own photo or select one from the Face Swapper gallery
  3. 3Done!
    Wait a few moments... Voila! Your photo is ready
Frequently asked questions
How does it work?
Face Swapper uses artificial intelligence to detect faces on photos and replaces them with other faces of your choice. For replacements, you can use photos of your own or choose any photo you like from our gallery.
Is Face Swapper free to use?
You can try Face Swapper for free: choose the annual plan and get a 3-day trial with no limits. The free face swap trial is easy to cancel anytime during 3 days. More about Face Swapper trial.

Paid plans include priority processing, email support, and 30 day storage.
Do you store the images I upload? What about privacy?
We store uploaded images securely to let you view your history and re-download the face-swapped photos without using costly GPU power. You can clear your history at any time.
What images work best with Face Swapper?
For better results, use quality photos with people directly facing the camera. However, slight rotation is also OK.

You can modify photos of up to 5 MB with faces of up to 1024x1024 px in size. Face Swapper returns images of the same size and quality as the source image.

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