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Thank you, santa, it's very kind of you
It seems like i've lost a couple of presents
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Joking is not always fun for both
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Look! a frog!
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Buy me this bag!
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Do you remember that?
Mature couple in love
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Would you like to share this cookie with me?
So, here's the one who's been stealing our cookies
Santa's having a hard time coping with the christmas rush
I've never seen anything like that!
Shh... don't tell anyone that i'm here!
I exist for those who believe in me!
You won't believe what i have here!
Hm... what's that?
Let's see if i have what you want
Christmas tree
Christmas tree
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Santa's snoozing while a young man's checking some information on a computer
That's the most unusual gift i've been ever asked for...
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Mature couple in love
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Man and woman making selfie
Don't touch my coffee!
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Mature couple in love
Hmm, this wasn't on my wishlist
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I've always wanted to marry santa...
What is the most weird christmas wish you made?
Oh, what is that?
Looks like someone will get coal this christmas
Come and take your gifts!
I've got something amazing in my bag!
Let's see if i have what you want
I've got something amazing in my bag!