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I bet you can hear my voice shattering the glass all around you just by looking at this photo
Dance with me, sing with me
Truly enjoying what you do is an important step to self-harmony
Because i'm worth it
Well-deserved and long expected!
This cake, please
Oh hi beauty! i literally had to cover my little heart with my hands 'cause a single glance from you can shatter it into pieces
You won't find anything like me
I'd say i'm too cool for this world but this would be a lie as i am clearly too hot for it, you know
Hope you'll notice me checking you out soon, i ain't gonna keep that pose forever
Not sure what i want but i want it now
I disagree with everything you've just said and here is why-
I left my glasses at home so i have no idea whether it's a kitten or a plastic bag in the wind, but in any case it looks cute so who cares, right?