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Choosing a destination is already a travel
Thinking what's gonna be my next travel point
So many places to go
Hope i've got everything i planned
His train is leaving in five minutes
Travelling back in time
Nothing can obscure the vision of his dream
Hey, hello there
I might not get this made in time
You know, it's a good idea
I guess that's the best route
Can i help you with something
Out world is a little marble
Travel, dream, explore, discover
How's it going?
Classics never get old
It's time to go places
Vintage focus
In pursuit of a dream
Idea just struck me!
It's time to make up your mind
In pursuit of a dream
Letting his mind drift to happy places
Where am i headed to next?
Travelling around the world
It'll take me 3 hours to get there
Hey, hello there
It's getting a bit chilly here
Let your dreams take flight