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Talking about serious work stuff here
Those days when work goes as it wasn't planned
Nature is the greatest inspiration
Flu is the last thing my expecting wife needs
Flirting with a new coworker
Daddy, but she's the one who started the fight
Yeah, i got him!
Getting ready to speak at a tedx event
You call that good coffee?
When your boss is hitting on you
Three heads are better than one
I'm pretty good at sleight of hand, you know
I can stand up for myself
Shall we turn a boring day to an exciting night?
Darling, i'm working late tonight
Common cause
Preventing mental breakdown
I've made the bold statement, haven't i?
It's my chance to express myself
What is your first drink in the morning?
I wonder what they are up to
He's been forced to acknowledge her contributions to their commom cause