Cheerful young woman showing thumbs up
Young woman standing backwards to camera with her head turned sideways
Pretty woman adjusting her dress
Excited young woman looking at camera with her hands in the air
Young woman making a helpless gesture with her hands
Young woman looking down with her hands join together and her legs crossed
Well-dressed retro-styled couple posing in the dark
Young woman balancing towards camera
Woman standing backwards to camera and pointing up with a finger
Young woman bowing down in pain and holding her knee
Passionate romantic couple in the dark
Expressive vintage female biting pearl beads
Human hands holding medical syringe
Relaxed young woman looking aside
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Surgery in progress
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Stylish couple having fun at retro party
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Elder woman consulting with her doctor about test results
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Delighted woman in sequin dress in the dark
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Funny young woman sticking out tongue
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Vintage style woman wearing a hat in profile
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Young woman looking down holding her hands together
Young woman looking at you sceptically
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Beautiful american flapper sitting leg to leg on the chair
Man helping a flapper aiming the gun
Elder woman showing thermometer to doctor
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Female doctor getting ready to take blood for analysis
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Female doctor offering her elder patient some cookies
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