Young man dancing near a christmas tree
Here you go, it will bring mood and colours
Male clown holding his fists up
A man and woman looking at a map AI
Now let's get into today's news
Person plays the guitar during a portrait session AI
A man taking a photo with a camera AI
When this party promises to be even more wild that i've imagined
And that's all my payment for the show time?
A flower is good for 'cheer up' gesture
Going for realistic and natural images
Folks, can you guess who do we've got here?
It's a hard choice between science and god's words
Young reporter reading something written in the notebook
Trying off these skills with an apple scene
Male clown standing half sideways back to the camera
Can you comment on that?
Now look at this funny incident
You know what, i really have great taste in music
Intense work requires fast decisions and reactions
Please, i've chosen it right for you
What could you say when you've got no presents at all, huh?
Long waiting for this perfect shot to be done
Could anyone just stop talking and all that, huh?
You never expect bad things to happen to you
Hey guys, haven't seen any better party place than this, huh?
Male clown standing half sideways
Glasses up for this great birthday time
Male clown in red wig using balloon as a sword
Young stand-up comic eating apple
Mother and child in the bedroom AI
Guess i couldn't be in the better mood than now
Started hunt for a perfect pic
A man and woman looking at each other AI
Men with a map in front AI
Young woman with a broken arm AI
Boy in virtual reality glasses AI
Didn't expect someone would play around with me, huh
Male journalist in bulletproof vest showing stop gesture
Dealing with this thing isn't as easy as it seems
The situation had place to happen here...
Troubled looking male clown touching his forehead with the hand
Who else could do this? no one except the clown
Well, didn't anyone really get this joke?
Can't hold my excitement when i'm getting the good news
Dealing with this balloon figure isn't easy, you know
You never expect bad things to happen to you
Having something pretty cool on my mind
Well, it looks like nothing changes here
Seems like there's the problem coming
Realising i've missed all the important shots
Young guy taking photos with a camera
Laughter also has place in hot zone journalist work
Laughing young party guy with birthday cone on the head showing thumb up
Folks, don't waste any longer, come to the party
Enchanted and kinda of trapped here at the same time
Male clown holding his fists up
Well, didn't expect to receive such a present
Understanding where this joke is going?
There's no better humour in this room than mine