Music pricing

Yearly (-20%)
Non-commercial use
Non-commercial use
Attribution and backlink required
Tracks come with watermarks
Single track
Commercial use
Commercial use
No attribution and backlink required
per track
Commercial use
Commercial use
15 downloads per month,
$3 / track after
No attribution and backlink required
Graphics + Music
Commercial use for music
Commercial use for music
All assets we have.
15 tracks, 100 icons, 50 photos and 25 illustrations per month
Use music for any case
Specific case? Contact us. For example, if you want to use music for:
✓ Points of sale, restaurants, shopping malls
✓ Podcasts, radios, and talk shows
✓ Public performance, announcements, commercials
✓ Offline ad campaigns
✓ Studio film production
✓ Products (apps, videogames, audiobooks)
Integrate our music into your product
Provide your audience with high-quality music right from your app or website. We have an API for that. And our engineers will help your engineers make it happen.


Can I use your music for free?

Yes, our music is free for non-commercial use with attribution, except for the tracks labeled with Content ID and P.R.O. tags. But for monetized videos, please purchase our license or the track itself. Learn more about using music for free.

What is a Content ID tag?

A Content ID tag means that this track is registered in YouTube’s copyright database. If you would like to use such tracks on YouTube, it most likely will result in a claim. Other platforms are fine.

Do you offer team management?

Yes, we are more than happy to empower your team with Icons8 resources. It is easy to add, remove, and manage services for your team members. Sign up to get started and a team section will be available on your account page. If you have any additional questions just ask!

What is the P.R.O. tag?

P.R.O. tag means the Performing Rights is the right to broadcast the music on a TV or radio station, play it in a public place (e.g., a supermarket, restaurant, theater…). If you purchase P.R.O. music, the performing rights are not included with your Icons8 license. Contact us if you need it.

Have any other questions?

Contact us here so we can help.