More modern File New Open Save SaveAs CloseWithoutSaving icons

Today's text editors are starting to standardize on New, Open, Save, SaveAs, and Close Without Saving icons. See images. Sheet of paper with green + for New, Folder with sheet of paper having bent corner sticking up for Open, a green arrow on a disk drive for Save (green arrow on the floppy you have could probably work too), big red dot with white X in it for Close Without Saving. There is still a bit of discourse about SaveAs. Some are still using the two floppies (though kids today don't know what floppies are). Others seem to be replacing that with a green bordered white bar containing unreadable text above the green arrow on a disk drive for SaveAs. If you want to know the applications below: BlueFish, CodeLite, Emacs GUI, Geany, Notepadqq, and Pluma. All freely available for Ubuntu. Pluma is the one going a different route, but I believe that is fallout from a way Gnome went a while back.