Battery level
Android L Battery icon
Android L Battery
Batteries icon
Battery Alert icon
Battery Alert
Battery Level icon
Battery Level
Battery Unknown icon
Battery Unknown
Charged Battery icon
Charged Battery
Charging Battery icon
Charging Battery
Empty Battery icon
Empty Battery
Full Battery icon
Full Battery
Low Battery icon
Low Battery
No Battery icon
No Battery
Recharge Battery icon
Recharge Battery
Remove Battery icon
Remove Battery
Warning Battery icon
Warning Battery
Add Phone icon
Add Phone
Call icon
Call Disconnected icon
Call Disconnected
Call Forwarding icon
Call Forwarding
Call List icon
Call List
Call Squared icon
Call Squared
Call Statistics icon
Call Statistics
Call Transfer icon
Call Transfer
Call female icon
Call female
Call male icon
Call male
Callback icon
Dialing Number icon
Dialing Number
End Call icon
End Call
End Call Male icon
End Call Male
End call female icon
End call female
Hang Up icon
Hang Up
Hot Line icon
Hot Line
Incoming Call icon
Incoming Call
Internal Call icon
Internal Call
Man On Phone icon
Man On Phone
Missed Call icon
Missed Call
No Phones icon
No Phones
Outgoing Call icon
Outgoing Call
Phone icon
Phone Bubble icon
Phone Bubble
Phone Ringing icon
Phone Ringing
Phone off the Hook icon
Phone off the Hook
Ringer Volume icon
Ringer Volume
Ringing Phone icon
Ringing Phone
Rotary Dial Telephone icon
Rotary Dial Telephone
Silent Call icon
Silent Call
Sip Dialer icon
Sip Dialer
Low Connection icon
Low Connection
Low Connection icon
Low Connection
No Connection icon
No Connection
No Connection icon
No Connection
Signal icon
Android icon
Apple Watch icon
Apple Watch
Blackberry icon
Broken Phone icon
Broken Phone
Earbud Headphones icon
Earbud Headphones
Featurephone icon
Hand With Smartphone icon
Hand With Smartphone
Headset icon
Kindle icon
Mobile icon
Motorola S10 Headphones icon
Motorola S10 Headphones
Multiple Devices icon
Multiple Devices
Nook icon
Performance Macbook icon
Performance Macbook
Performance Smartphone icon
Performance Smartphone
Phone Case icon
Phone Case
Smart Watch icon
Smart Watch
Smartphone icon
Smartphone Approve icon
Smartphone Approve
Smartphone Decilne icon
Smartphone Decilne
Smartphones icon
Topup Payment icon
Topup Payment
Windows Mobile icon
Windows Mobile
Windows8 Tablet icon
Windows8 Tablet
iPad icon
iPad Mini icon
iPad Mini
iPhone X icon
iPhone X
At sign icon
At sign
High Priority Message icon
High Priority Message
MMS icon
Mobile Email icon
Mobile Email
Notification Center icon
Notification Center
Phone Message icon
Phone Message
Push Notifications icon
Push Notifications
Read Message icon
Read Message
SMS icon
Speech To Text icon
Speech To Text
Voicemail icon
Mobile interface
Android App Drawer icon
Android App Drawer
Aspect Ratio icon
Aspect Ratio
Block Microphone icon
Block Microphone
Data Setting icon
Data Setting
Device Information icon
Device Information
Duplicate Contacts icon
Duplicate Contacts
Ereader icon
Home Button icon
Home Button
Hotspot icon
IOS Themes icon
IOS Themes
Invert Colors icon
Invert Colors
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