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Music Icon Black

This icon is a part of a collection of Music flat icons produced by Icons8. Icons follow the guidelines of iOS, Windows, and Android and are designed by a single designer, guaranteeing the consistent quality.
The icon is a classic musical notation that one would find on a musical staff composition. In this case the musical note is an singular eighth note, also called a quaver.

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Story about Music Icon

Here at Icons8 we pride ourselves in crafting the most striking and exceptional icons across the globe. After years of Top Secret work at our state-of-the-art, underground/outer-space research facilities, we are excited to announce a great development in icon pack technology!

For the first time ever, we present the best music icon ever created. Our expert scientists have cloned hundreds of history's greatest musicians and invited them to collaborate on this groundbreaking, unprecedented project. This single vector icon represents the most perfect musical note in creation. Whether it’s played on a kazoo, ukulele, or grand piano, this note will literally fill the mind of anyone listening with pure bliss and joy. The powers of this superb musical note are not limited to sound alone—simply by looking at this musical note icon, the viewer will be filled with an overpowering sense of calm and peace. In fact, they may never look at anything else again.

Types of music icons

To designate music, people usually use musical notes. Quaver (eighth notes), to be exact.
There are two types that are seen everywhere:
  •  one eighth note
  •  two eighth notes beamed together (more frequently)
musical note icons

Their popularity is understandable and there is no need to explain much why people perceive musical notes as a symbol of music. The earliest form of musical notation can be found on a cuneiform tablet that was created around 2000 BC, so it's quite an established pattern.

However, these are not the only options for music icons. Depending on what you want to express, other related symbols can also be used:
  • headphones
  • treble clef
  • musical instruments (guitar, violin, etc.)
  • microphone (if you are referring to live music, for example)
  • sheet music

music icons
Music icons
All of these icons can be used to symbolize music for your website, app, or presentation, depending on the situation. You don't have to do things exactly like everyone else — improvise if you feel like.

record icon
music icons from apps

Example of usage

Here is the example of Japanese graphic design, please take a look at this concert poster called Shun Sakai concert:

 music icons from apps