iOS Application Placeholder 图标 (PNG 和矢量)

此页面显示的是Icons8图标包中iOS Application Placeholder 图标的不同变化。随意调整图标大小和重新着色,然后免费下载PNG格式的图标。有PNG和矢量格式。
It is a little place to put the IOS apps that you download. It is a square box made out of dotted lines where you can put your newly downloaded apps so that they will not be sprawled out all overy our home screen, creating pages and taking up space.

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相关图标是有匹配标签的图标,以及所有 user interface图标。所有图标都是同样的扁平化风格。您可以下载免费PNG图标或购买 SVG 矢量图标