Бесплатная иконка «Torii»

This is the Torii icon for Windows 10. Here we go. Optimized for 32x32 px, these are the simplest icons in the line style. Downloadable formats are PNG and SVG, among others. Icons8 icon pack is unique in providing a huge number of icons designed by the same team of four designers who create the new icons every working day in the same style and with the same quality. Same cool as the Bat Face, huh.
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It looks like an entrance to a gateway, like a tree fort, except without the ladder. It looks like the letter H in the English alphabet. It has two stumps, or poles with a roof on top. There is also a similar shaped pole running horizontal to the two poles.

Похожие на «Torii»

Мы подобрали иконки, которые либо совпадают по тегам, либо находятся в той же категории «cultures». Все иконки выполнены в однородном стиле. Вы можете скачать их бесплатно в формате PNG или купить доступ ко всем форматам, включая векторные: SVG, PDF, EPS и шрифтам.

Идея иконки Torii от Zexis Stryfe

Идея получена July 28, 2012 Иконки созданы August 11, 2013

Religious icons: cross, star of david, yin yang, dharmacakra, star and crescent, pranava, ankh, torii, triskelion

God, the Devil, Angel, Demon too