Free Dashboard Icon

This is the Dashboard icon for Windows 10. Here we go. Optimized for 32x32 px, these are the simplest icons in the line style. Downloadable formats are PNG and SVG, among others. Icons8 icon pack is unique in providing a huge number of icons designed by the same team of four designers who create the new icons every working day in the same style and with the same quality. Same cool as the Bat Face, huh.
The icon is a radial dial with nine hash marks going around the top of the circle. Within the circle is one hand which points to the right on what would be the 7th mark from the left.

Story about Dashboard Icon

The dashboard is the control panel of a vehicle's driver. It displays the instrumentation and controls for the vehicle's operation. The basic information such as speedometer, odometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge are displayed in the dashboard. Modern vehicles now show advanced features such as turn indicators, seatbelt warning light, gearshift position, and others.

It is also a management tool that collates information about a business or shows the overview of the health of the enterprise.

In as much as you like our Dashboard Icon, here are other variations you may also like:

dashboard icon 1

In the present, dashboard also refers to the charts showing the performance of a company. The performance may refer to sales, profit, cost, productivity, and others. These charts can be in the form of bar graphs and bar lines.

Pie charts are being displayed in dashboards, they show the numerical proportion in the form of pie.

For those engaged in financial stock trading, candlesticks are the usual type of charts displayed in financial dashboards. Candlestick charts show the price movements of a currency or stock over a period.