Free Clip Art App: Use Diverse
Free Images Offline


Clip art that makes your content
beautiful. Free and offline.


Clip art that makes your content
beautiful. Free and offline.
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what is pichon

Get free clip art images and say no to boring presentations, documents, emails, and all types of creative projects.

Download Pichon, a simple app providing thousands of clip art pictures to use offline with no limits. Enjoy the variety of design styles for vector graphics.

Pichon lets you

  • Use the big clip art gallery offline.

  • Drag and drop the free vectors to any vector editing software.

  • Find free graphics for the diversity of topics and seasonal occasions.

  • Recolor the clip art images in a couple of clicks.

Download clip art images

Where can you use clip art images?

  • 1

    Slide clip art for any kind of presentation design, for example, Slideshare and Powerpoint images.

  • 2

    Pictures for custom greeting cards and invitations (try Lunacy as free card making software).

  • 3

    Diversity of royalty free images for education purposes: classroom projects, worksheets, materials for homeschooling programs).

  • 4

    Banners and posts on all types of seasonal occasions: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, holidays, and much more.

  • 5

    Simple 2D animation and cartoons.

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