Men cry too
Man in his fifties with sceptical look
Man in his fifties with sceptical look
I am not 'like a boss', i am the boss
I'm not just messing around here, you know
Time for self-reflection
Job burnout
Feeling way too cool for this place
Hate these tight collars
I'm just putting money in the right place, why?
How lon have you been standing there?
Lately i'm not happy with anything
Weren't we supposed to go out?
Handsome man with a puppy holding a glass of wine
Man with a dog holding a glass of wine
My dog keeps me company and wine help me to relax
Handsome man holding a puppy in his hat
Mature man with serious face holding a puppy
Well, i formed an attachment to this little cutie
Morning is always nice when you share it with your friend
Oh... really?
Music makes everything better
Let's get my body improven
Not in the mood today, you know
Well, i'm not in the mood today
Well, here's me serious ready for the day
Positive and contented about this day
Allergic to the morning
Not this hair problems again
Styling hair need to be considered as an art too
Old age sneaked up on me
Men cry too
Feeling awesome
No funny business!
Charisma. you can't buy it
Not feeling good today
Get a lot of things to think about
Well, no need to show my face today
I'm too rock'n'roll for all this fuss
Wondering what's going on there
Analyzing past and creating for the future
Well, welcome to the house
Me and my buddy are going to catch some fresh air
Taste of wine that brings a lot of sweet memories
Cheers to this beautiful weekend!
Surprised mature man holding a puppy
Don't you wanna walk with us, dear?
Happy man holding a puppy
Cute puppy sitting on his master's shoulder
Charisma. you can't buy it
Enjoying music while jogging
Making a 'running' list is essential
Need to go out and socialize, again
Need to go out and socialize, again
Gotta move for have energy for all day
Catching last minutes of sleep
Involved in thoughts mature man holding his one hand behind his back
Suffering from terrible hangover
Mature man styling his hair
Doubting about shaving a beard
No matter what hairstyle it would be, i'm cool anyway