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Schoolchildren reading a book and girl looks surprised with something
Prepared some gifts for my grandson!
He can't stop sneezing!
When you're too cute to be spooky
Scientia potentia est
No mom, thanks but i don't wanna eat your mask cucumbers
Oh, this flu looks really bad for you to be at school
Guess, we have father-son crisis here
Helping this kid to become a champion
Mom, and why dad is the first one to play with vr headset?
I guess, like mother like child, huh?
Let me explain you this new material
When you're mad at your older sister
Is everything ok there, doctor?
Do you need some help, dear?
You worked really good today!
Soon i'll be stronger than my dad
I've been training a lot this year, you see?
Okay, little know-it-all, i'll fix you later
Well, there's the first time for every thing...
She always loved him more than me
My brother is such a snitch
You see, this idea comes from the 19th century...
My mom and i are really into technologies
Stop shouting at me!
Think, i should work more on my cooking techniques
And again he's napping and i'm doing homework
Videogaming with my brother always turns better for me
When you're grounded and classmate brought a tablet to school
Knowledge is power!
Overcoming fear of doctors
Got a bad grade again. whatever!
What are you doing at the uni, kid?
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Tiredness got us like this
Seems like that boy got the wrong costume
Kids these days get just blown away with tech
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Kid boy wearing virtual reality headset facing robot
Find your point and use all the power to hit
What did i do wrong?
If it was a competition, i'd win
I'm not happy with your behavior at all, you know
I've had enough of school
Look, you have to move your arm like this
Voila! cat stroganoff is ready
I can't stand being told off in front of the class
Our cat can't stand the kissy-kissy stuff
My gym teacher always yells at me
Let's see who's cooler
When you get the urge to change a physician
It seems like veggies are in retreat
So many lessons today...
I always finish breakfast before my brother
When you're elder brother is too bad at playing games
Don't say me you're not cheating, sis
Son, don't you wanna help me with this?