Single user. Unlimited projects. Everything you download during your subscription period is yours forever.
Icons Only
Any size and format
No linking required

All Access
Any size and format
No linking required
It gives software developers the ability to access our assets programmatically.
APIs for icons, photos, music
From $100/month
Chat for an API key

What's Included

All plans
All icons, photos, illustrations, and music in all formats
License file and invoice
Live chat support
Our web app and Pichon support any icons you’ve purchased
Icon Features
Generating HTML snippets with inline SVGs
Generating custom fonts
Downloads: icons in several formats, including PDF
Icon effects: add overlays, circles, paddings, and more.
Recurring Subscription

The icons you’ve downloaded are yours forever. You can pay once for a month, download all icons, and use them forever. You are free to keep your subscription though. This will get you:

7,000-10,000 new icons a year
Our web app and Pichon with all formats unlocked
PSD generation in Photo Creator

All Icons Offline

Icons in PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.
Recoloring on the fly
Saving icons on disk
Dragging to Photoshop, Sketch, Xcode, Visual Studio, etc.