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Related icons are the icons with matching tags, as well as all cinema icons. All icons are in the same flat style. You can either download free PNG icons or buy SVG vectors

Usage of Avatar Icon

The concept of a digital avatar isn’t really new. By definition, an avatar is a representation of a person that uses a certain service, or engages in a certain activity. In the simplest sense, avatars represent us in the things we do. Thus, as you can imagine, avatars are now nearly ubiquitous across many of the technologies we use -- from the phone you’re typing on, to the social network you’re using, you’ll see avatars being used everywhere.

avatar icons

For your avatar icon needs, we have a vast variety. We have several design options:avatar icons

We also have avatar icons that represent various functions and features, such as:
  • Contacts
  • Camera portrait modes
  • IDs

Feeling a little quirky? We have miscellaneous avatar icons that can be used in more whimsical ways too!

avatar icons

Avatars will likely remain an important aspect of technology for years to come -- make the best out of it by choosing the right icons!