Illustrations present a well-proven way to enhance user experience. Yet, if you are not an illustrator, it may be a challenge to get custom images that won’t cost a fortune and will tell your specific story. To solve the issue, today we’ve released Vector Creator, a free tool that allows creators to make striking illustrations right in their browser. No design experience is required to use the tool: 3,000+ elements in 12 styles are ready to spice up your UI or social media.  Join the release party on Product Hunt or explore the details about it right here.

Basic Benefits

With Vector Creator, anyone can tell their story by crafting the perfect illustration without the help of a design team. The major benefits to mention are the following:

  • Fast in-browser creation
  • Huge library of 3000+ elements
  • Free to use with attribution for personal and commercial projects
  • Categorized & searchable
vector creator illustrations


Vector illustrations have exploded in popularity recently and are becoming much more niche-focused. After the great reception for our illustration library Ouch last year, we needed a way to scale the creation process to cover any use case. So that is exactly what we built: Vector Creator, an in-browser design tool enabling anyone to create professional illustrations.

vector creator editor

Feel some vector magic: choose from categorized and searchable styles, then drag components to the canvas, arranging them however you wish. When you are done, simply export the results in PNG or SVG (premium).

vector creator illustrations

We kept the experience approachable to ensure everyone could make custom vectors quickly, even without design experience. The Vector Creator is free to use, just remember to link back to Icons8 when using your creation.

vector creator illustrations

To satisfy the common request of ‘more please’ we worked with artists to create a massive illustration library. Containing over 3000 elements in 12 distinct styles (& still expanding!) there should be more than enough variety to keep you busy. But if not, you will soon be able to upload your own media as well.

vector creator illustrations

We hope you will use the vector image creator to liven-up your next landing page, onboarding flow, presentation, or social media post. Have fun with it!


Let’s dive a bit deeper in what you get and what you can do with our online vector creator:

  • Compose illustrations without needing to learn or download tools
  • 12 striking styles to fit any theme
  • Build unique vectors, not overused illustrations from templates
  • People, animals, objects, shapes, and backgrounds
  • Upload your own vectors and images (soon)
  • Free to use
  • Export to transparent PNG or editable SVG
vector creator illustrations

Well, let’s cut the talk and walk the walk: welcome to try Vector Creator by yourself and let us know what you think. Your feedback is our way to make the product better. Share your thoughts here in comments or join the discussion on Product Hunt.


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