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Fading hearts loader image

Fading hearts
A wave of fading hearts on the background. The symbol "Heart" is one of those signs that embody a lot of important attributes of human life: heart, love, romance, life and many other things. The horizontal AJAX loader Fading hearts turned out a really significant pre-loader. This loader GIF, which consists of a background of hearts, on which a wave runs, fading after its passage, creates a special atmosphere - an atmosphere of feelings and love, a romance and desire to life.

  • Frames amount:10
  • Best quality maximum size:160x20
  • Category:Horizontal (Bars)
  • Type:Flat, Colorful
  • Source file:PSD
  • Adjustable SVG (vector):Available
  • Price:$0
Source file in Adobe Photoshop format included with purchase
Fading hearts

Fading hearts examples in different dimensions