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Orbs black coin loader animation

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Orbs black coin
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    3-Dimensional, Grayscale
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    Not available
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Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
An animation of Orbs cryptocurrency logo that is minted on the surface of a spinning around black token with a reflective surface. The logotype has a silver surface. It revolves around it`s own axis on a sheer background. The circular coin has a rim and a reeded edge. The coin also has an engraved legend in binary code(1`s and 0`s) and a hoop between the legend and the logotype. This animated image is composed of 30 frames. The number of frames may be changed with the help of the editor form in order to decrease the image size in bytes, but it can result in reduction of smoothnes of animation. Raising the animation speed can positively affect the animation, if you choose to decrease the frames amount. The coin spins counterclockwise, but the direction might be altered with the help of the generator. The biggest image size is 256 to 256 , but the image may be produced as big as 512 to 512. In case you have a requirement for more advanced animation management functions, you might upload the downloaded to Animizer - animated GIF and APNG editor tool. The loader image can be used for articles written about Orbs cryptocurrency that portrays it or comments it. Usually this kind of images are used in the catalogues of ICO`s or the already launched cryptotoken. The artwork can also perform as the reception of the cryptocoin as a method of payment or a donation to a project. The animated image has been modelled with dark grey colors in order to make it available for colorization. In other words, when modify the color in the generator form, the coin will have colors closer to the selected colors. The image source file is in 3DS Max (2017, VRay) format and could be used for 3D printing but might require some changes as it has not been optimized for printing.
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