Wedding couple dancing on the beach AI
Can't be grateful enough for what i have
When you know you've made the right decision
So finally i've married this beautiful lady
So happy that gonna spend my life with this man
I've been waiting for this...
We definitely will remember our marriage
All i want is to be with you all my life
She said "yes"
You marry me, you marry my cat
Will she say "yes"...?
The perfect start to a new life together
Symbolic begginning of our family
Proud to call this man husband
Looking ahead to our future
Wow! so many gifts!
I got you something
Groom and bride standing close to each other and almost kissing
Making a proposal to the love of my life
Having great time with my wifey from now on
Do not eat after 6 p.m.
Here's a little present for you
Young beautiful couple standing together
Sweet and funny idea for wedding ceremony
Beautiful middle-aged couple on their wedding day
All i need is here by my side
Everything is better when we're together
It's all making sense if she's by my side
That's a funny way of giving gifts
Person and groom sitting on the couch AI
Did i tell you how much i love you?
Family is what we're from this very moment
Did i tell you that i love you today?
I'll remember this day always
Making a proposal to the love of my love
Crying of happiness
Will you allow me to give it to you?
Ha-ha, i adore you, love
Groom and bride at sweetheart table
Now it's decided
Young handsome man holding a jewelry box with a ring
It's all in your eyes
Ananas healthy treat for newlyweds
Family from now on and till forever
Couldn't be any happier in this moment
Groom kissing his pregnant bride's belly
Celebrating a long relationship
Portrait of a bride and groom AI
Tying the knot of love
Wonderful moments of life
Looking in one direction
Family from now on and till forever
Beautiful middle-aged couple on their wedding day
Cutting the ribbon of married life
Flying away with the love of my life
Changing roles
Feeling so lucky to have each other
Person and groom looking at each other AI
I didn't mean to offend you