Got reward for great game time
Keep your body happy with healthy food
Welcome the one who's got the winner place
Serious middle-eastern woman counting money
Emotionless young woman looking down at money in her hands
Pretty arab woman counting cash in profile
Caring and sharing
I mean, technically it's not mine, but the main question here is not who's gonna allow me to take it but who's gonna stop me from doing so
Smiling arab woman sharing her money
Wait, who is the winner? me? no way
The shiniest prize for the prettiest winner
We all have special gifts that can brighten up someone else's day
I can take it home? like, i won it? for real? wow
Portrait of a rich young woman enjoying the smell of banknotes
I mean, the prize is mine and that's what matters, right? it's absolutely unimportant whether i won it or bought in the local kids store