Working place with open laptop
When you buy a paint roller to your paint brush it gets obvious there's some serious work ahead
Bright orange paintbrush for painting your room in happy colours
Ready for fixing stuff at all times
Arranging tools is the most important part of the job, if you spend less than an hour on it you are doing it wrong
Yeah, i start liking this night's sleep at work
Never thought nail painting kit could be that hard to gather, but i guess i'm finally ready
Did i just arrange my working tools like that or am i summoning a demon to help me with a clogged drain, who knows?
A few seconds before the giant mess i created trying to hang a picture on the wall
I'm sorry, no working today, look at this arrangement, i can't ruin this perfection
Gotta look great today
Wow, from what to start this morning, huh?
Making important decision
Doctor putting on mask
Doctor putting on blue gloves