It's pretty calming when you are not in a rush
I treat my clothes and clothes of my boyfriend absolutely the same way, why did you ask
Being a functioning adult is so tiresome
No funny business
I am into soft colours today
Okay, just a few more, you can do this
A secret folding technique
Oh, it was actually "no hot water" sign, not the "more hot water" one
I crumple my clothes a bit after ironing so they wouldn't look like i care too much
That moment when you get hit by the existential crisis in the middle of folding your clothes
I'm pretty sure i didn't have this t-shirt when i started washing clothes today
This shirt was white before i decided that washing it with my pink blouse sounds like a good idea
So done with all of that
Look what i made with this very two hands in only a few hours
As a millenial i'm proud to announce that i've finally learned to fold clothes right at the tender age of twenty five