You are my heart and my soul, my today and my tomorrow...
This hieroglyph means leave me alone i have a boyfriend
Happy, cozy and comfortable
Freshening up for the day ahead
Absorbed in passion
Portrait of a young man in white shirt AI
When words escape, flowers speak
Did i tell you how much i love you?
I never feel that i need a boyfriend when my bestie is around
I've heard that this guy from our school...
Trying to guess what he's thinking about
When i saw you i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew
Couple co-founders
Fancy some beer?
We just moved in!
Great travelling time is waiting for us
The best adventure ever
Yeah, going with my girl for a shopping always give me some hard time
I'll remember this day always
I've been waiting for this...
It´s time to enjoy vacation
Would you marry me?
Really, it couldn't be any better
A young couple arguing who is going to wash the floor
Crying of happiness
All i want is to be with you all my life
Young man teaching his girlfriend to ride a skateboard
It's time we break up once and for all
Young man and woman stand close to each other in the dark
Young couple staying at home
Time for a surprise
A cheerful young man wearing a white sock on female`s foot
A lovers' quarrel
Person and groom looking at each other AI
A man sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
Giving my love kiss on the cheek
This is precisely what a music video ought to be
I'll never go out with you!
It's never enough time with my love
I'm so happy you're in my life
Affectionate young man holding the teenage girl on a skateboard
Mixing work and romance? why not?
Well, what are you waiting for? open it up!
Can't believe it, she put me in a friend zone
I gave her a bouquet of flowers, she smiled and suddenly the time has stopped around us
Have you seen this video? it's amazing
Listen, i saw your boyfriend with another girl
It's time we break up once and for all
Do i even have to explain why i hate you?
Painful separation
Give me your hand, dear
How to eat a croiassant neatly?
Young caucasian guy teaching asian girl how to skate
When you're saying that you're in good shape i didn't expect to see this
Young male standing behind his girlfriend shutting her eyes with an arm
She's helping her partner to cope with illness
Oh it's nothing, just a picture of me that i don't like