Welp, that was expectable
Wait, what was that sound?
Have a dance with me
Whatever is going on over there i'm not impressed
Draw me like one of those renaissance paintings
Feeling like i'm finally living my true life and it's perfect
Does this dress actually suit me or do i make myself think so because it's at 30% discount?
Don't mess with me, my pretty dress won't stop me from punching you in the face
Who said you can't buy happiness
I don't remember buying any of these
Is it me or did that guy just called me daenerys
Woman wearing black dress seems surprised
Don't you worry, a nice little scarf from the newest collection, i'll come back to you as soon as i tuck all these bags in my car
That moment when you see your boss at the shopping mall after you've just successfully taken a sick leave faking a cough for five minutes straight
Have i bought everything that i needed? yes. do i have any money left? probably. should i check that new shop at the corner of the mall? we both know the answer