Woman Artist

Don't you dare to interrupt the artist
A pink haired girl jumping up
Ready to fight
This powder really gives so much softness and a scent
Getting through al the old clothes
Thinking about possible ways to clean all this
And no spots we see here
Yuck, and how long it hasn't been washed?
Well, and one more to get it figured out
Well, housewife work is all about this
If only house could always be clean and undirty
Done all washing and cleaning and now it's time for myself
This damn iron has ruined my very favorite dress
Gosh, this ironing time seems never to end
This spray works great
Never getting tired of shopping
Guessing about do i need more clothes
Shopping time makes so happy and excited
Well, and again i've bought too much stuff
Well, you can call me a shopping maniac
Well, treated myself quite well today
Once again listening to my favorite tracks
Young woman sitting on the table and listening music in headphones
I care about the environment
I choose natural materials
Let's try this bamboo toothbrush
It's time to brush my teeth
Eco friendly alternative
Let's try this wooden bottle
Young woman holding reusabel shopping bag with vegetables
A pink haired girl jumping up
A teenage girl jumping up
Having the great time and just relaxing
Looks like this pile of clothes would never finish
Having some productive time
Can't wait for this party to get started
Oh, this softer smells like heaven
Yeah, it needs really deep and good clean
Well, i've imagined housewife's days differently
Feeling already tired of this all
You really can praise me a little with work i've done
Enough ironing for today
I don't understand why the ironing takes me all day long
There's absolutely no streaking
Feeling so contented with shopping result
Shopping is always a good idea
What can i say? shopping has always been my passion
Always buy two things when i can't decide
Is there something i really need from all this?
I couldn't decide which one to choose so i've got both
Young woman sitting on the table and enjoying music in headphones
Young woman sitting on the table and listening music in headphones
Just doing my morning routine
Hair care is my thing
Young woman holding a wooden hair brush
Young woman holding a bamboo toothbrush
I don't use plastic toothbrushes anymore
I choose not to damage the environment
Young woman holding reusable shopping bag with vegetables
Dreamy young woman holding shopping bag with vegetables and baguette