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How i couldn't seen this comment coming?
Young man and young woman gossiping in smiling woman's ears
I've lost 10 kilos!
Young man measuring his waist with a tape
Yeap, pizza and soda combination tastes like heaven
One of two guys holding pizza and soda and looking up and another one eating pizza
It's gonna be just wonderful evening time with friends
Pizza and drinks while chatting wirh friends
Two guys talking and having pizza
Haven't been having such a great nigh in a long time
What a night with friends without pizza and drinks?
Enjoying great friday evening vibes
Having nice conversation with friend
Two guys talking and having pizza and drinks
Friendly talks, pizza and drinks
Having wonderful time talking to friend
Discussing all the friends stuff
Pizza and friends talks
Relaxing time spending with friends
When time together with bro is so much fun
Here's a little present for you
So, what is it this time?
Will you allow me to give it to you?
So, what do we have here?
Good taste as ever
It's so thoughtful of him, i'm moved to tears
Fantastic! i really needed that
Everything is perfect!
Nothing but love for you
Guess the gesture
Guy driving a wheelcahir and disabled girl showing him something on the phone
This diet is just great!
Do you want to lose weight? ask me how!
These were my trousers just a couple of months ago
Capturing the first happy moment of our family life
Capturing the first happy moment of our family life
Food, drinks and friend talks are just great
Great chill time with friends and pizza
Just chilling and having pizza
Enjoying talking to a friend
Pizza and soda are our kind of evening treat
Starting friday night the proper way
Involved in conversation with friend
Talking about something really great
Having great evening in friends company
Nice talking and pizza eating
Two guys talking and having pizza and drinks
Involved in conversation with friend
Company and pizza are great
A man standing in front of a wall
Ok, let's see who has more powers
I got you something
Kid sitting up on father's neck and kid girl standing naer
I hope he likes it
They are saying in unison: i got you something...
So finally it happened!
So finally it happened!
Paperwork is the thing of the past
Charming smile
My goodness, he really knows how to treat me!
Young asian woman giving presents to a caucasian guy
Everything is better with you