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No you hang up first
I came here to have fun and to punch you in the face and as you can see there is no more fun left
I know what ya thinkin' and i like it
Thinking about my life
"i wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone"
All around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces
A young black man in a red shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark red pants standing alone on the white background
You disappoint me
As an introvert i need some quiet moments with myself from time to time
Well, i was thinking about something...
A sudden urge to rethink my whole life
What is this feeling
Sounds fake but okay
The moment of lonely sadness
Hey, i just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number- please memorize it and never try to call me 'cause i don't like you and won't answer anyway
Enjoy the silence
Mirror mirror on the wall i am the most beautiful of them all. yup. no questions here. just a fact.
I hate making phone calls
Me, pretending to consider buying an expensive item i grabbed by mistake, knowing full well i can't afford even a box it comes in
Why did you have to do that to me
What did you just call me
Disappointed but not surprised
I can't explain what i'm feeling
My family and friends say i should stop overreacting but i can't hear them exhaling dramatically over the hand covering my face
He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake
Why being conventionally beautiful has to take so much time
My only problem for today is whether i want to start a day with a cup of tea or coffee
Feeling fresh and confident
Two minutes into this conversation and i'm already having an existential crisis
You used to call me on my cell phone
Once again, this is not the office of the president
Alone in a big city
Alone in a big city
The mood of this month is sadness
Not sure how to behave in a situation like this
Education is my passion
Just a turtleneck and sweatpants, and you?
I'm gonna walk like this all the time and look at you judgmentally so you wouldn't be able to talk behind my back without feeling guilty
Thinking about you
A great start of the great day
Pretending to hold something but when you zoom in there's nothing, as a metaphor for my life
I need some time out to think it over
Me, looking at my smartwatch telling me it's high time for the workout, knowing full well that time isn't real
Pretending to think over something serious thing so no one would dare to bother you and other ways to sabotage the work of the whole department
What does it even mean
The word "lonely" has "one" in it and i'm pretty sure there must be some philosophy behind it
A wholesome nile appeared on your screen to support whoever is reading this with his all-knowing smile. thank you, nile
Welp, let's get started
Bittersweet memories
Some memories can physically hurt you
If i wanna sleep i will and you won't be able to stop me
Can't decide between buying it and having something to eat during the whole next week
When you're trying to understand what she meant by that emoji
There's no "me" in "working today", but there is "me" in "time to daydream" and i think it's important
One of those days
Why is it always when i'm checking it's working time or sleeping time but never an adventure time
I wonder how long this one's gonna last considering that i've run out of a setting spray
Feeling like a princess
I wish i just had a beard and a few more minutes to sleep instead of all of this
Caught in sweet memories