How to use
Unpack the downloaded archive.
In the SF Symbols app, create a new custom collection.
Drop the icons from the Social Media folder into this collection.
That's it! You can start using icons the same way you work with other SF symbols.
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Frequently asked questions
Are these symbols free to use?
These symbols are free to use as long as link attribution to Icons8 is placed on the finished work/page.
I'm having a problem with changing the icons scale in Interface Builder. Is there a workaround?
Yeah. Interface Builder might ignore the scale of custom SF symbols. In such a case, you should handle the scale change programmatically.
Do you have other graphic assets?
Sure. Icons8 has a massive library of design assets to cover any of your needs: icons, illustrations, photos. Use them for free for a link or purchase a subscription and don't set a link. If you want to have all of them always at hand, download our Pichon for Mac app.
I want to add your icons to an app I develop so my users can use them. Is this possible?
Yes, but you would need a custom license agreement to do so. Drop us a message at, and we’ll help you with that.