Removes background from one or many images
Preserves original image size and quality
No interface, just a button in the plugins menu
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Frequently asked questions
How does it work?
The Background Remover uses artificial intelligence to detect the subject of the photo, mask the image, and remove the background. No additional work from you is required!
Is Background Remover free to use?
Yes! You can remove the backgrounds from 3 images for free. To process additional images, simply create an account and you can continue uploading.
What images work best with Background Remover?
Images with clearly defined subjects, such as a person or object, will provide the best results. If the image has no clear point of focus, our AI may not correctly process it. And while this works well on most images, Background Remover may crop out some tricky details such as hair blowing in the wind. It does not change the dimensions or improve the overall quality of your photos. If you want to make your images larger and sharper, please try our Smart Upscaler!
Where are my images stored?
Uploaded images are stored securely and deleted as soon as processing has completed. They are not used or shared in any way.