How it Works: How to Order Icons for Free


The idea of this blog is: you order icons you want, we draw them for free (normally we do it for large businesses for $80 apiece).

Q. What’s the small print?
A. We do only three icons a day. No work on weekends.
Update: Max 5 icons per request, please. 

What icons do we choose? The ones our community voted for.

Votes are collected here:

About Windows 8 Icons (Metro Style)

Microsoft introduced Metro style, the UI of Windows 8. Look at the quick introduction:

Unlike Vista and Windows 7 icons (we’ve made lots of free ones too), Windows 8 presents simple, monochrome icons.

Other Uses

Although initially icons are created for Windows 8, they are great for:

Use Policy

These icons are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. You can use them for your websites and applications for free. Just link to either

Where to put this link?

  • For websites, put a link from each page you use our icons on
  • For applications, put a link in the About box
Thank you for supporting our project by linking. We mean it. Thanks!
If you don’t want to place a link, purchase the license.
Private questions or paid work request?
Icons8 Web App

From the team behind this blog:

10000+ icons
in any format, size and color
in 20 seconds

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  • Lotti

    I think the idea of posting icons on requests is great, esp when its free for download, and especially when they look so nice. I like the whole october archive, and just wanted to say thank you!

    • AnnaK


  • Casey

    Cool idea, I like it

    • admin

      Thank you for your support.

  • Javier

    Muy buenos, felicitaciones!!!…

  • Samir


    first of all, this is a great project.

    I got a question:
    I wanted to use some icons on my website for some tools I offer. The page is gonna be used mostly because of those tools. The layout of my website has none of these modern large footers with plenty of links, where I could publish a link to this site. Posting it somewhere else would ruin my UI. So the question is, is it possible to maybe get a third option for “where to place the links”, similar to the one with the about box, just for websites? I would not mind paying a fee for that, since I like the project anyways.

    Thanks for the respons in advance,


    • AnnaK

      Hi Samir,

      Thanks for your comment. We would be glad to hear your suggestions about the options for adding the link.

      • Zoran

        It would be nice if we could add just on one page link to your sites, just as we would do in apps.
        Even if we have to pay for that option, it would be cheaper than buying entire icon set.

  • shivam

    hi these icons are in png formate, when i tries to change my computer icon with the one which i have downloaded from this site but when i browses for the icons and opens the icons the icons are not visible.

    • AnnaK


      ICO format is required. However we don’t provide this format.

  • Nam

    Hi AnnaK,

    Would you please provide a bigger size version of these icons ? For example 32×32 or 48×48 ?


    • AnnaK


      We may provide the bigger sizes basing on our price list.

  • bluetune

    Able to design some baby mother and child class icon?

  • ckat

    Dear Icon 8 Team!

    I’d like to thank you for your great work, my idea or request would be to add the cathegory of the icons to their name instead of adding them into subfolders. Like in the fugue icon set. Then we could select icons at a glance in one folder. And the updates would be helpful if could be downloaded separately too to the set already downloaded.

    Thank you

  • Joe

    Nice work!
    I just want to say thankyou for this free icon set. I love the black simple elegant style of this icons, they’re perfect for applications and websites.

  • Nigel

    Dear Icon 8 Team!

    I really like your icons! Simple and elegant. Still I would need them to be colored in order to look more userfriendly within my tool. I have a reference to in my about. Is it okay if I colour them, lets say blue?

    • AnnaK

      Nigel, thanks for the warm words about our work.

      Free icons are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. It means that you may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

      However you may purchase the icons for $199 in this case you may color them and use the icons wherever you want without placing the link. You can’t resell or redistribute them.

      • Nigel

        Hi Anna,

        thanks for your quick reply!

  • Max

    Пожалуйста нарисуйте легкие иконки выделить все и инвертировать выделение! спасибо, у вас крутой проект.
    PS Вы закрыли request из-за не успеваемости?

    • AnnaK

      Max, спасибо!

      Request не закрывали – не работал. Уже починили. Ваш запрос добавили.

  • Christoph Gille


    At the beginning I was just after one specific icon, but when I looked at all your black/white icons I decided to change the entire program Strap.
    Users say, that the UI is much clearer know. Take a look yourself:
    Many thanks for providing these icons to the public.
    They are great because they are so stupid simple and black/white.
    Author of Strap.

  • Christian Foellmann

    Could I use the icons in a open-source project under BSD License? Or under GPL?

    • AnnaK


      Yep, you may use the icons under BSD or GPL License.

  • Chris Hoffman

    You guys rock! I am so glad I found you.

  • Thorvald

    Thanks a lot. :-)

  • Thomas Svensson


    Thx for the nice jobb!

    Quick question… if I purchase the icons for $199, will I get all the new icons that you do in the future?


    • AnnaK


      Updates for up to one year are included.

  • Mike

    For a Windows 8 application the link would be in the Win 8 Store description then?

    • AnnaK

      Mike, thanks for your question. Actually you should add the link to About screen. As for the Win 8 Store description: you shouldn’t but we’ll appreciate if you add it:)