The version 5.4.0 has been released. It includes many tasty changes and new features.

What’s new in version 5.4.0:

  1. New design
  2. Collections are now editable
  3. 5.4.0_collections_editing

  4. Sizes and collections are much easier to work with now. More default sizes to choose from are available, as well as custom size export

    app screenshot 2

  5. Icons are exported in pixel perfect format now. No more washed out contours
  6. 5.4.0_pixel_perfect

  7. We stabilized the app, and critical errors that led to crashes were eliminated
  8. Now you can export icons from Logos and Very Basic categories in any format (PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS)
  9. You can use the special symbols “?”, “!”, and “@” while searching for icons

    app screenshot 1

  10. Similar icons search was fixed; now it works
  11. No more search queries are reset while switching between packages and categories
  12. AndroidL package is now named Material

Important: This is just a beta version. If you find any bug or inconvenience using it, please send us your logs.
They can be found here: C:Users[user_name]AppDataRoamingIcons8Logs

Icons8 team