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Great britain pound black coin AJAX loader

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Great britain pound black coin
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    3-Dimensional, Grayscale
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    Not available
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Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
A loader animation of of the Great britain pound currency sign minted on a black gold token. The coin has a polished mirror facial, the currency emblem on both sides and a rim and a milled edge. The black gold coin revolves around it`s own axis in a transparent environment that may be changed to a colored background if needed. The sign is mostly used to specify the Great britain pound currency globally as long as locally within a country. The built-in modifier allows to setup the turning direction and speed along with several other different options. It can have different colors through generator form, but it is easier to use the Great britain pound black coin for better color adjustment. The coin also has an engraved legend in binary code(ones and zeros) and a hoop betwixt the legend and the symbol. loader animation has been modelled with black colors in order to make it available for colorization. In other words, when change the color in the generator form, the model will get colors closer to the selected colors. The animated image might be used for web-sites or articles or presentations where you may need to show the currency or a list of various currencies. The animated image might also pose as the reception of the particular currency as a way of payment or a contribution to a project. The logo is extensively used in e-commerce platforms, articles dedicated to finance and global or local economy information. The image may add a special presetational value to your application. The source file of the animation is in 3DS Max (2017, VRay) format and can be downloaded for 3D printers but could require some changes due to the fact that it has not been optimized for 3D printers.
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