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Moving vertically AJAX loader

Moving vertically
Pre-loader GIF with text Vertical moving of letters. Do you need AJAX loader animations in letters? Do you want the pre-loaders into which you can insert any text you want? On our site you can find various variants of animated loader animation with letters. Here is one of them – loading GIF Vertical moving of the letters. The text moves from top to down. A simple, stylish and universal AJAX pre-loader may be used on any website or software application. You can find good, simple and stylish animated loading animations with the letters on our site. Create unique pre-loaders with your own text!

  • Frames amount:29
  • Best quality maximum size:128x38
  • Category:Animated text (custom)
  • Type:Flat, Grayscale
  • Source file:Not available
  • Adjustable SVG (vector):Not available
  • Price:$0
Moving vertically

Moving vertically examples in different dimensions

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