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Fading lines loading animation

Fading lines
Fading lines, which become thin. Stunningly spectacular loading animation Fading lines. It's hard to describe the optical effect that creates this extraordinary AJAX loader. The lines are fading, become thin, and it is not clear whether the spiral spins ot it is running wave, or pulsating segments. But the effect is really exceeds expectations, as it is impossible to pay attention to this loading animation . A spectacular, charmimg loader GIF Fading line will make any project more interesting and attractive.

  • Frames amount:20
  • Best quality maximum size:180x40
  • Category:Horizontal (Bars)
  • Type:Flat, Grayscale
  • Source file:MAX
  • Adjustable SVG (vector):Available
  • Price:$0
Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
Fading lines

Fading lines examples in different dimensions