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Orbs logo revolving
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    3-Dimensional, Colorful
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    Not available
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Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
A turning around volumetric logotype of Orbs cryptocurrency. It spins around it`s center. It has been created with original colors provided by it`s owner, but it can also be colorized. This animation is composed of 60 frames. The number of frames can be modified by the generator form to reduce the file size, but the action will negatively affect the quality of animation. Elevating the speed of animation could smooth the animation, in case you choose to reduce the quantity of frames. The altcoin spins anticlockwise, but the direction may be altered by the editor form. The biggest artwork dimensions are 256 to 256 pixels, but the image can be produced to be 512x512 pixels. Should you require more advanced animation editing functions, you can edit the downloaded to Animizer - our GIF/APNG animation editor tool. The animation might be downloaded for web-sites or articles dedicated to Orbs cryptocurrency that portrays it or references to it. Usually this kind of artwork is located in the catalogs of Initial Coin Offerings or the released altcoin. The illustrations can also present the acceptance of the cryptotoken as a way of payment or a donation to a website. The source file of the animation is in 3DS Max (2017, VRay) format and might be used for 3D printers but could need particular changes as it has not been optimized for 3D printers.
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