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Latoken black coin loader image

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Latoken black coin
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    3-Dimensional, Grayscale
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    Not available
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Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
An AJAX loader with Latoken altcoin logo which has been located on the surface of a spinning around black gold token with a specular surface. The logotype is minted with a silver surface. The model turns around it`s axis on a transparent background. The circular model has a rim and a milled edge. It also has a text around it in binary code(1`s and 0`s) and a hoop between the legend and the logo. The animation is composed of 30 frames. The amount of frames may be modified though the generator to save on the image size in bytes, but it will negatively affect smoothnes of animation. Increasing the speed might smooth the animation, in case you reduce the frames quantity. The model rotates counterclockwise, but the direction can be altered in the our inline editor. The biggest image sizes are 256 to 256 pixels, but the image can be produced to be 512 to 512 pixels. If you require more advanced animation management options, you can modify the downloaded to Animizer - animated GIF and APNG editor tool. The animation can be downloaded for websites, articles and/or presentations written about Latoken cryptocurrency that describes the cryptocoin or mentions it. Often this kind of images are used in the catalogs of Initial Coin Offerings or the released cryptocurrency. The animation might also mean the admission of the cryptotoken as a payment method or a donation to a project. model has been modelled with dark colors in order to make it colorizable. To be clearer, if apply the color in the generator form, the animation will get colors closer to the chosen palette. The icon source file is in 3DS Max (2017, VRay) format and might be downloaded for 3D printers but could require some changes as it has not been optimized for 3D printers.
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