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Content value network logo rotating AJAX GIF, SVG & APNG

Content value network logo rotating
A spinning 3D logo of Content value network altcoin. The logo revolves around it`s own axis. It has been applied original color palette provided by it`s owner, but it may also be colorized. The animation is creasted with 60 frames. The amount of frames can be changed though the editor to reduce the file size, but this action can decrease the quality of animation. Raising the speed of rotation may make the animation smoother, if you reduce the number of frames. The cryptocurrency is animated counterclockwise, but the direction might be reversed from within the editor form. The biggest image dimensions are 256 to 256 pixels, but it may be produced as big as 512 to 512. In case you feel a need for more advanced animation editing options, you may edit the downloaded to Animizer - our GIF/APNG animation editor tool. The model might be used for articles written about Content value network altcoin that portrays it or mentions it. Often this kind of animation is placed in the listings of Initial Coin Offerings or the already launched token. The animation are also pose as the reception of the altcoin as a way of payment or a contribution to a project. The animated icon source file is in 3DS Max (2017, VRay) format and could be downloaded for 3D printing but might require some modifications due to the fact that it has not been optimized for printing.

  • Frames amount:60
  • Best quality maximum size:256x256
  • Category:Cryptocurrency
  • Type:3-Dimensional, Colorful
  • Source file:MAX
  • Adjustable SVG (vector):Not available
  • Price:$0
Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
Content value network logo rotating

Content value network logo rotating examples in different dimensions

Not available
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