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Fading lines loader animation

Fading lines
Fading lines creating a sun or a clock. The pre-loader Fading lines can be regarded as a classics of the genre. An irreproachable figure, implementation of such phenomena as a clock and sun (exactly these things are mostly used for creating pre-loaders) alow using the given pre-loader in any projects without any limitations. A great animation of fading lines, creating the effect of rotation, will make the present pre-loader the real decoration of your projects.

  • Frames amount:12
  • Best quality maximum size:128x128
  • Category:Circular (Spinners)
  • Type:Flat, Grayscale
  • Source file:PSD
  • Adjustable SVG (vector):Available
  • Price:$0
Source file in Adobe Photoshop format included with purchase
Fading lines

Fading lines examples in different dimensions