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Chasing spheres loader GIF, SVG & APNG

Chasing spheres
Metal spheres chasing after one another in a circle. The Chasing spheres loader animation represents two metal spheres chasing each other in a circle on a plane is very distinctive. It has volumetric objects in a bewitching aerial dance with a perspective of coming forth and going away. The animation in the image looks pretty simple, but the more you look at it, the more it looks amazing and attracts by its dynamics.

  • Frames amount:12
  • Best quality maximum size:128x128
  • Category:3 dimensional (3D)
  • Type:3-Dimensional, Grayscale
  • Source file:MAX
  • Adjustable SVG (vector):Not available
  • Price:$0.99
Source file in 3DS Max format included with purchase
Chasing spheres

Chasing spheres examples in different dimensions

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