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My unusual hobby
A young man squatting and lifting weights
Not the winning but the taking part that counts
Floating yoga
It's a show of strength
Namaste, dear people!
Namaste, dear people!
Keeping ourselves in shape
Morning freshness
There's no border for body's possibilities
Expressive young man exercising with dumbbells
Putting on swimming glasses and let's start the training
Time to show what we've training for
Right in the mood for training session
Big game day is coming
Preparing myself mentally before swimming competition
Found my perfect sports hobby
You worked really good today!
You worked really good today!
Let's see who's cooler
Let's see who's cooler
Contented and tired after the game
Perfect at volleyball
Ready to start
Music can improve your workout
Practicing all these serves and receptions
Impressed with my new technique
Biceps of the champion
No pain, no gain
Gonna have a game played
Desire to do some sport is written on my face
Ready-steady to start the training
Jogging keeps him fit
A cheerful young man working out with a dumbbell
Fencing is such a graceful sport
You are your only limit
Let's welcome this world with a smile
Working on perfect body goals
Take to each other like ducks to water
Take to each other like ducks to water
Work out smarter
Time for fitness
Gymnastics is a show of perception
Well, let's start training session time
Well, let's try skating training
Well, ready to start the swimming training
Gonna do exercises with green ribbon
It's time to cover some distance
It's time to cover some distance
Nothing to say, i'm getting stronger
Faster, higher, stronger
Faster, higher, stronger
I'm really good at basketball
Figuring out my emotions
Even champions get tired
Feeling serious about this game
So contented with the game
Everything is gonna be just great!
Almost ready for training time
Challenging my flexibility
Preparing myself for active training
In the mood for some winter fun?
Sport is not an easy path to take
Slightly tired after practice
Not exactly doing sport but it's good too