woman image

A truly serene moment when the time has stopped
Posing is really my thing
Pensive young afrowoman holding money
Pensive young afrowoman holding money
Well, and what color would be great for kid for today?
Recollecting last night's adventures
I woke up like this
Young afrowoman holding green leaf
Getting sure is it enough for crazy shopping
Young afrowoman holding beige heels and money bills
Enjoying those precious moments just for myself
Young afrowoman in bathrobe holding mug
I wish this moment could last forever
Could this go as an accessory?
Young afrowoman holding green leaf
Adore when the paycheck day arrives
Young afrowoman looking at baby overalls
The best day of the week
This is my favourite part
Flashback to the soft autumn days
It's important to care about yourself
Moisturizing is a key
I am an expert in beauty products
Feeling soft and relaxed
Ready to start a new week
Enjoy the moment
Hmm what do we have here
Getting my hands soft and ready for the new day
Reading labels is important
Bracing myslef for the start of a new day
When the familiar smell brings up those long forgotten sweet memories
Dreaming about great things to come
Let's get rid of some cash
Treated myself with new pair of shoes
You haven't heard anything
Who said morning routine can't be enjoyable
Forget about everything, it's daydreaming time!
Thinking about shopping plan
Thinking over once again is it worth it
Mom´s task is also about correct clothes choice
Enjoying my morning tea cup
The week hasn't even started yet and i'm already so tired
When there is nowhere to rush
Could this go as an accessory?
Having a lot of thoughts on my mind
Thinking over once again is it worth it
Applying my eye patches so i wouldn't have to look at you
I have the whole day for myself
It's just perfect for my skin
They say it does wonders to your skin
My secret combination for the perfect look
I have a lot of those and i won't hesitate to use them all
A part of my daily routine
Should i use a bit more?
Let me show you this oil, shining shimmering
Green lifestyle is what i'm all about
This one looks interesting
Hmm and what do i feel like using today
I'm awake for three minutes and am already late everywhere
Feeling nice and pretty