The news section always makes me sad
What are all those lines, it doesn't look like city at all
Gossiping with my squad
Sometimes i watch my colleagues work and i feel like i am in 'the office' series. sometimes i know it for sure
Measuring my waist? what for? i know i'm just perfect even without it
Blah blah blah i've heard these excuses two thousand times
So, you're trying to tell me that these numbers have something to do with my attractiveness? lies, lies
They are not on speakerphone, i'm just tired of listening
Seen, seen, not interested, seen-
Mom, i'm working, i'll call you back later
I'm not very fond of the news lately
It gives me tips on how to take care of it.. bad tips, i must say
Not the ones i actually wanted
I'll better waste my time on something more important
Whatever is going on over there i'm not impressed
Okay, listen up, kid, i don't trust a word you say-
Weird. i don't remember buying it
So, let's start our presentation
Welp, that was expectable
A few more minutes of this meeting and i'll start taking selfies or something, this boredom is killing me
I have mixed feelings about this whole thing
My phone is turned off, i'm just good at pretending and being lazy