Will i get a mohawk if i dry them off like this
Mirror mirror on the wall i am the most beautiful of them all. yup. no questions here. just a fact.
I have this whole day to myself and i'm enjoying it immensely
This towel is so heavy, i constantly feel the need to hold it with my hands so it wouldn't fall off
While the face mask is taking care of my skin i'm taking care of my mental health
Everyone knows weird shower thoughts, but why noone talks about nice after shower thoughts, like the ones i have now
Taking care of yourself is hard work too
Forget all the chores i was going to do, i'm spending this morning on myself
Fighting these dark circles and puffy eyes
Oops, haven't i forgot about something?
Oh no, i've completely forgot about that
Feeling cute and content
I have a secret to share
Feeling pretty and confident
Trying new cosmetics is always super exciting