tattooed back

When your colleague remembers about your birthday
That's what we discussed at the meeting today
Teaching a new coworker
Don't say i didn't warn you
It requires power of three to solve this
Can you see something there?
In the middle of deciding work problems
And what did she mean by saying it?
Cheerful colleagues discussing the work
Got a lot to do but i'm gonna handle it
Cheerful young man talking on the phone behind the back of his manager
Colleagues looking attentively on a tablet
Colleagues discussing a new project
Coworkers discussing the work
You don't want to start with me
Look, that's a wifi password here
Problems with concentration at work
Looking in different directions
Work stuff seems to be quite serious
Young plus-size female office worker talking on the phone
Dark skinned female manager instructing a new employee
Man talking on the phone while his manager checking documents
Manager is surprised with the report of her employee
Dealing with some work issues right now
Manager pointing an employee on a tablet
Colleagues discussing the work
Colleagues discussing work
Delighted entrepreneurs talking business
Here the list ends
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