taking pleasure

Got a minute to focus only on myself
Got a minute to focus only on myself
Beautiful woman lying down with her eyes closed
Happiness? good whiskey, a good cigar and a great conversation
I love a good cigar after eating
Please, come into my office
Enjoying a fine cigar over a good conversation
Pleased you've decided to join our company!
We gather here for conversation and a good smoke
Mmm... that's what i call a good cigar
Handsome middle aged man with a cigar
This cigar smells nice
Enjoying summer time
Take care of yourself before you take care of others is my motto and i follow it with pleasure
Gliding on skates is a pleasure
Absorbing summer sun rays
It's nice to share sports hobby with your best friend!
Absorbing summer sun rays
Finding pleasure in little things like the nice sensations you get while combing your hair or the freshness of early morning is a super important and uplifting habit
It takes time to find your perfect cigar brand
Cigar smoking is about the pursuit of pleasure, taste and aroma
Just keep calm and smoke a cigar
Mmm... smells nice
Life is too short to smoke bad cigars
It's proved that cigar smoking helps the brain think
Hello, nice to see you!
What could be better than enjoying a cigar over good conversation
A good cigar is a great comfort to a man
Sun on my skin feels amazing
The charm of a good cigar's aroma
We can't wait to get out on the ice
Taking pleasure in this summer
In the mood for some winter fun?
We can't wait to get out on the ice
Gliding on skates is a pleasure
Summer vacation is all about enjoyment
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