Having a world map on your desk is super fun as only in this picture i already got to walk in asia, left my sunglasses somewhere in russia and finally landed my plane in europe
Getting ready for summer travel
Buying nice things for the upcoming trip is fun as you get to choose your new shades, new cool boots, a brand new planner and of course you get to rock your new amazing straw hat!
Striped flip-flops, straw hat, an international passport, smartphone and some souvenirs from the latest journey all brought together to create that summer vacation vibe you can feel already
Your standard travel kit (don't forget the plain!), with the straw hat, comfortable boots, smartphone and sunglasses
Sunglasses, straw hat, boots, smartphone, international passport and a map with a tourist route lying around the only thing that can replace them all: money
Grab your phone, shades, credit card and a passport, let's get lost somewhere in the usa
Grab your phone, shades and a passport. and don't forget the cash, there are no atms at where we are going
Got the main things for the summer holidays time
Beach slippers and passport cover
How about some day off the the beach?
Summer vacation mood on
Passport cover, sunglasses, smartphone and airplane model
How about some day off the the beach?
Striped man's bathing shorts, beach slippers, hat, sunglasses and sea shells
A straw hat, a map and flip-flops, aka every summer tourist's starter pack
A straw hat and flip-flops, along with a passport and a picture of a nice place with palm trees and mountains, lying on the world map on my work desk as a subtle indicator of my desire to get a vacation
Good thing that i grabbed my shades (and my passport), 'cause right now i'm in a hot state ;) (of america)
A passport, tiny ship model, flip-flops and a straw hat, all laid out beautifully over the world map, because i'm not just a tourist, but a designer
A flat lay picture of all the necessary things for a modern summer trip, including a credit card, summer accessories and a smartphone
Only necessary things for a travel: a straw hat, comfortable boots, smartphone, sunglasses, passport and money
Phone, passport and favorite sunglasses is all you need to travel the world today
Magazine and avoska with fruits
Everything is ready to have a great day at the beach
Flat Lay
Man's striped bathing shorts, hat and ipad
What could be better than a little summer trip?
It's the day to discover the world
Can't miss this summer sun
Getting ready for the day at the beach